Sunday 1 February 2015

Quick comic recommendation

Suffrajitsu has just been released.

This is an interesting alt-history take on the militant arm of the Suffragette movement. It tells the story of the "Amazon" bodyguards who protected the Pankhursts from the police and enemies of the movement.

While it is, obviously, a work of fiction with liberties being taken it is also firmly grounded in actual history, there were women who trained in Ju Jutsu and Bartitsu and carried Indian clubs under their skirts to fend off attackers (or attack the deserving by all accounts). This article is a good overview of what we know about them in reality.

I really enjoyed the first issue. I like the fact that they have strong female characters with agency as well as male allies. Its also a pretty exciting and action-packed romp.

Get it on Comixology.

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