Friday, 30 January 2015

More significant adventures (the best laid plans)

UK winters suck.

The summers aren't amazing either, but at least you get some warm with your wet.

My plans for summer 2015 are:

April - The Noble Science (Empty-hand HEMA - Pugilism, Wrestling, Savate etc) 

I'm kinda apprehensive about this, I do train empty hand stuff, but I am even worse at it than weapons. My one and only "real" competitive fight looked like this:

That said, I have met a few of the people who are going and my HEMA teacher speaks highly of the organiser so it should be a good time.

May - May Melee (Virtus Sword School's event, a bunch of HEMA seminars and a tournament) 

This looks like huge fun, its not the type of HEMA I study myself (I do Fiore Longsword and Waite's Sabre) but I am assured that its beginner friendly.

Also, I'm going with a non-HEMA friend, so I'm assured of not being the noobiest noob there.

May - Euro Mega Throwdown.

I've been a Bullshido member since 2005 or 2006 (longer than I've been in the UK) and I've still never made it to a Throwdown. I'm really hoping to change that this year.

This could be a pain though because I will need a Schengen Visa, plane tickets and accommodation.

August - FightCamp (All the HEMA, all the time) 

This is my HEMA teacher (the mighty Matt Easton)'s event and it looks fantastic.

September - UK FMA Festival

This is where I have more experience. I've been doing FMA for a few years now and I've been to this event twice, its always a blast.

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